Artie Lee Hinds Award Winners

Artie Hinds Award Winners

Relief Enterprise of Texas, Inc., is proud to announce that two of our employees have been named winners of the 2022 Artie Lee Hinds Award. Congratulations to Catherine Corff and Freddy Rios. We also congratulate the other winners from WorkQuest Community Rehabilitation Programs (CRPs) across Texas.

Placement Specialist Craig Jones nominated Catherine Corff, who works as a custodian at the Texas Workforce Commission. Catherine, who is hearing and speech impaired, has grown in her position, shown great leadership ability in all areas of her service, and always rises to the challenge to overcome any adversity. Catherine says that she likes her job because she knows she can do the work and knows that she is appreciated by her supervisor, her co-workers and most importantly, herself.

HR Specialist JoAnn Sepeda nominated Freddy Rios, who works at a variety of locations in the Waco area as a Supervisor. Freddy, who is recovering from an amputation, has shown great leadership with his supervisory skills managing and training employees per the scope of each contract. He works well with others and understands the needs of the both the contracts he covers and the employees under his supervision. Freddy says that working with other individuals with disabilities has helped him become more independent. He enjoys his job because of all the great people that he works with.

Artie Lee Hinds devoted her life to helping blind and disabled persons throughout the United States earn a living wage through federal government contracts. From serving on the Board of Directors of the Lighthouse for the Blind and National Industries for the Blind, through founding Texas Industries for the Blind and Handicapped (TIBH), she was always a strong advocate for the blind and severely handicapped to state and federal agencies and political subdivisions. When she retired, TIBH initiated the “Artie Lee Hinds Award” as their top award to be presented to the disabled employee of the year.

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