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A Unique Resource Making a Difference

Relief Enterprise (Relief) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the rehabilitation of disabled and underprivileged persons. Regardless of how those disabilities came to be – from birth defects to service disabled veterans – we have a strong history in helping those who are physically, mentally, socially and economically disadvantaged. This unique organization is comprised of two separate non-profit companies. Relief Enterprise, Inc. performs services on a federal level and Relief Enterprise of Texas, Inc. performs services for local municipalities and state agencies.

Relief Enterprise, Inc. has a unique focus on federal government contracts and the military sector to provide employment opportunities throughout the nation under the SourceAmerica Program. SourceAmerica advocates for a more inclusive workforce where barriers to employment are a thing of the past, and connects customers to a national network of non-profits who hire talented people with disabilities through the AbilityOne Program. Through this valuable network of non-profits and their employees, organizations are supplied with products and services that meet the strictest quality standards at a competitive price.

CIMS Certification Logo

We are pleased to announce that Relief Enterprise, Inc. has successfully passed its Cleaning Industry Management Standard assessment. CIMS Certification demonstrates that Relief is structured to deliver consistent, quality service and is committed to efficient operations and continuous improvement. By implementing core CIMS principles into the organization’s management framework, Relief Enterprise, Inc. strives to deliver improved productivity, increased customer satisfaction, and enhanced professionalism. Learn more about our CIMS Certification.

Relief Enterprise, Inc. is the proud winner of the 2018 SourceAmerica Performance Excellence in Government Contracts award which recognizes a nonprofit agency's excellence in AbilityOne contract performance while serving as an example to other nonprofit agencies.

Relief Enterprise of Texas, Inc. provides job opportunities with local and state government contracts within the great state of Texas under the WorkQuest. WorkQuest is the central non-profit agency that links community rehabilitation centers and the Texas State Use WorksWonders Program, which is dedicated to furthering the state's policy of encouraging and assisting persons with disabilities to achieve maximum personal independence by engaging in useful, productive employment activities.

Relief Enterpise employee testimonial

“Relief Enterprise has given me a positive outlook on life, hope for a better life,
and has encouraged me to do my best.”

David Randall, Housekeeper

relief enterpriseWe Take our Mission Seriously.

Our mission is to “Create a positive impact on the lives of the disabled through meaningful employment opportunities which provide increased independence and an improved sense of well being.”

We are passionate about what we do and believe a way should be provided for those who want to work when traditional means are not available. Of particular interest is helping our service disabled veterans get back into the workforce. The Founder of Relief Enterprise is a service disabled veteran and this allows our organization to relate to their specific issues and realize the significant obstacles veterans face.



We DevisedA Better Solution

With a belief that there is always a better solution, Clarence and Calvin Williams, a father and son team, established Relief Enterprise in 1996 to service the community and provide jobs for the disadvantaged, including service disabled veterans. Relief is one of 120 non-profit agencies in the State of Texas, and one of 1200 nationally, with government contracts producing under the SourceAmerica/AbilityOne and TIBH/WorksWonders programs. As a member of these programs, long-time suppliers to the Texas State and Federal Governments, Relief provides capable, reliable employees who bring an exceptional work ethic to every project. The company hires employees from within the community that the contract serves to fulfill each contract. Current contracts have an emphasis on janitorial and landscaping services, child development centers (CDCs) and medical facility housekeeping.

Clarence Williams,

As the Founder of Relief Enterprise, Clarence Williams served as President and CEO until his retirement in June 2019. The company was built utilizing his 30+ years of experience working with federal, state and local agencies, specializing in janitorial/custodial, hospital housekeeping and landscape maintenance services.

Mr. Williams, a retired service disabled veteran, has proudly served his country. While in the service he gained invaluable experience as a project manager for base-wide custodial contracts and numerous government projects, and as a manager for purchasing and inventory of supplies and equipment for the United States Government. He put this experience to use as an entrepreneur upon leaving the military.

We already miss having him in the office but wish him all the best in his next chapter of life.

Calvin Williams,
President and COO

Calvin Williams was voted in as President of Relief Enterprise upon his father's retirement in June of 2019. As a hands-on owner/operator, he contributes 25+ years of experience in the building maintenance industry. His role has expanded to oversee all company policies and procedures, and to manage all company accounts including human resources, accounting, payroll, data entry, telecommunications and IT maintenance. Calvin is also responsible for all advancements in technology that Relief has at its disposal.

Additionally, Relief Enterprise provides our customers with a team of Registered Executive Housekeepers (REH) who rigorously maintain quality systems across our client facilities. The REH designation is the highest certification available through the International Executive Housekeepers Association. All team members must renew their certification every three years with continuing education and intense examinations.